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Become a member of ReForm

ReForm offers scientists the opportunity to associate themselves and their projects as pilot projects with the Leibniz Science Campus “ReForm”. For this purpose, it is necessary to apply for membership with a research project that is thematically related to ReForm. 

There are two options for membership:

  • Scholars provides an opportunity for senior scholars to associate and network with the campus and actively participate in its design.
  • ReForum offers an open space for young researchers, opportunities to discuss their own research projects, soft skills training and much more. 

In addition, members can apply for a pilot project that offers financial support in the form of travel (academic events, fieldwork) and research grants.


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Membership addresses in particular (junior and senior) scientists who wish to associate themselves with the Leibniz Science Campus and participate in the network’s events.

An application is possible at any time. Should the applicants additionally apply for a pilot project, the membership application must be submitted one month before the deadline for the pilot projects. This means by 31 January and 30 July each year. 

Note: Please note the information on the application procedure below.

Pilot Projecs

Members of ReForum and ReForm Scholars can apply for financial support for part of their project. For this purpose, applicants must formulate specific projects as pilot projects to be funded. Applications will be evaluated on the need and relevance of the proposed projects to the LWC ReForm research agenda, as well as innovation and feasibility.

The application deadlines for funding pilot projects are 28 February and 31 August each year.

Note: You must be logged in as a ReForum member or Scholar to access the form. Please note the information on the application procedure below.

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