Anamarija Belošić

Anamarija Belošić

During my bachelor’s and master’s studies, I participated in several different archaeological projects, working on prehistoric, classical, medieval and underwater sites in Croatia. In order to expand my knowledge and experience, I also volunteered at excavations in Italy and the Czech Republic.

While I was studying for a master’s degree, I spend several semesters on student exchanges in Poland and Slovakia, and half a year on an internship at the University of Sassari in Italy. While working on ceramic assortments from the Nuragic Bronze Age cultures of Sardinia, I began to appreciate more the importance of understanding the ceramic material.
For my master’s thesis, I decided to write about metal artifacts from a multilayered archaeological site in vicinity of Zagreb. This graduate work also brought me to Bochum in 2019, where I was an exchange student and did an internship at RUB and the German Mining Museum. I was part of the excavation team on the project in Georgia in 2019, and from 2022 I am a PhD student at RUB University and a research associate at the German Mining Museum.

Being a PhD student at the University of Bochum, I received a grant from Project International to conduct a research study at the Museum of Bolnisi in Georgia for a month in 2024. I am also part of the team reviewing applications for the same program, conducted by the Research School at RUB.
As the most recent achievement, I can mention the DAAD scholarship for a research study. This will allow me to work on my material for next 6 months.

Research interests

  • digital archaeology.
  • Photogrammetry in archaeology-theory and practical application