The Leibniz ScienceCampus has a new logo.

The arrows represent the connection between the participating institutions, research disciplines, and theories, but they also stand for the different resources. The vertical arrows connect these and, at the same time, represent the different levels of ReForm: the connection of resources through theory, but also through the actions of different people at different times and thus the changes in the use of resources as well as the rise and fall of societies and institutions.

The complementary colours blue and orange are deliberately chosen. Blue is the connecting colour of the institutions involved, which use different shades of blue up to turquoise in their respective logos. At the same time, blue is the colour of water and thus a reference to some of the campus’ planned projects. The orange is a reference to geo-resources and is meant to imitate the colour hues of natural copper. Copper appears in natural deposits in various shades of colour, from a bold orange to a gold-like hue.

The team would like to thank the designer, Hans-Jörg Lauffer, for his creative ideas and the design of the logo.

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