What or Who is ReForm?

ReForm – that stands for “Resources in Transformation” and is a Leibniz ScienceCampus that links various institutions and disciplines. The German Mining Museum Bochum, Leibniz Research Museum for Georesources, the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), the Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences (THGA), the Foundation History of the Ruhr Area (SGR) and the FernUniversität in Hagen (FUH) are involved.

The Campus aims to investigate the transformative potential of resources. Or to put it another way: How are people interwoven with their environment? How do social institutions emerge and change in connection with resources and their availability? What role do resources like coal or hydrogen play in social change? In this way, ReForm aims to improve the understanding of past and present societies, because resources, their acquisition and social appropriation keep societies moving. The main goal of the campus is thus to explore the potential of resources to change and to show which processes in human history have led to significant socio-economic transformations.

In order to achieve this research goal, scientists from the fields of archaeology, history, sociology and anthropology, economics as well as geosciences, material sciences and engineering from the participating institutions have joined forces. The group is represented externally by Prof. Dr Thomas Stöllner as spokesperson. 

Review 2021

In the past year, the ReForm group has dealt a lot with the question of common terms. In internal workshops, members discussed definitions and reflected on points of connection between their own research foci or projects and ReForm. However, there were not only internal expert discussions; external guests enriched the campus debates in workshops and lecture series.

You can find all the lectures and workshop contributions on the ReForm website and on YouTube.

New Logo

The Leibniz ScienceCampus has a new logo.

Website with a new look

In the spirit of transparent knowledge transfer, we revised our website. In addition to recorded lectures, you will soon find short project presentations and further offers there.

New Faces

The Leibnitz ScienceCampus ReForm was able to recruit three new employees in 2021: Andreas Angourakis and Johannes Jungfleisch as postdocs, Pia Weber as coordinator and Milena Müller-Kissing as coordinator for the SFB initiative connected to ReForm. We would like to briefly introduce our newest faces to you.

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This year’s launch of ReForum will introduce an open space for early career researchers that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

Fellow Programme

The Fellow Programme will start in the course of this year. It will enable international researchers from the participating fields to spend three months in Bochum. 

upcoming events

Upcoming Events

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