Podcast: I Am A Monster

How Resources formed the Post-War Human

Diese Folge erscheint ausschließlich in Englischer Sprache.

For this episode, we have invited Timothy LeCain (Montana State University in Bozeman) – a real monster, according to him. Together with him, Pia and Dominic discuss what makes him a monster and why we humans of the 20th and 21st centuries might all be “monsters” in some way. And why this is an observation that is also important for us archaeologists when it comes to establishing a “connection” with the past. The episode was produced as a follow-up to Timothy’s talk at ReForm, which we linked at the end of this page.

We also talk about the paradox that we own more and more things and yet live in an “immaterial world”. So it’s about monsters, crafts, how the invention of the automobile has unconsciously changed us and much more.

More about Timothy: About — LeCAIN (timothyjameslecain.com)