ReTheory Session #9

Date: December 15, 2023, 14:00 Uhr c.t.

Location: Zentrum für Mittelmeerstudien, Haus der Archäologien, 4th floor, am Bergbaumuseum 31, 44791 Bochum

This winter semester, Timothy James LeCain, Professor of History at Montana State University, is joining us as a guest at the Leibniz ScienceCampus “ReForm.”

During his visit, Professor LeCain will deliver a lecture as part of the ReForm colloquium/house colloquium of the Institute of Archaeological Studies. Moreover, early career researchers interested in delving deeper into LeCain’s research will have the opportunity to participate in an early career workshop. Scheduled for December 19, 2023, at 16:00 (s.t.), the workshop will be organized by ReForm-PI Jun. Prof. Dr. Tina Asmussen. Tina Asmussen will orchestrate a discussion round with Timothy LeCain in the conference room of the German Mining Museum. Two texts by LeCain will serve as the foundation for exchanging ideas.

To make the most of this occasion, we will offer a collaborative preparation for the workshop in the next ReTheory meeting. Set for December 15, 2023, at 14:00 (c.t.), this session will revolve around a discussion of two texts selected by Tina Asmussen. As always, we invite everyone interested to join us in this session!

The reading for the ReTheory session is the following texts:

LeCain, T. J. (2017). “Fellow Travelers: The Nonhuman Things That Make Us Human.” In The Matter of History: How Things Create the Past (pp. 1–22). Cambridge University Press.
———. 2019. “Environmental History and Global Mining: Towards a Neo-Materialist Approach.” In Making Sense of Mining History, edited by Stefan Berger and Peter Alexander. London: Routledge. Download
———. 2022. “Deep Culture: A Very Brief Brief of the New Materialism.” Agricultural History 96 (1–2): 225–30.

If you do not have access, please let us know via email, and we will provide you with a download link.

We will arrange a hybrid setup if you want to join virtually.

Andreas Angourakis and Johannes Jungfleisch

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