ReSkill #1 – Agent-based modelling

ReSkill #1: Agent-based modelling

Date: 24th November 2022, 13-16:00h c.t.

Place: Computerlab, Haus der Archäologien, am Bergbaumuseum 31, 44791 Bochum

We will have the first ReSkill session which will introduce agent-based modelling (ABM) using the online materials prepared by Andreas Angourakis for a recent tutorial session (

This tutorial starts with the drafting of a conceptual model and the basics of programming using the NetLogo software and reaches a high level of model depth and complexity, giving some hands-on examples of problems and solutions when using ABM to address research questions in archaeology and history.

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In the spirit of ReSkill, the goal of this session is not to replace longer courses on ABM but to serve as a safe place where participants can become more familiarised with the technique and, more generally, programming and computer simulation. We will follow together the tutorial steps, as far as we can, but the emphasis will be on solidifying the fundaments for a longer individual learning process.

Please bring a laptop and, if possible, download and install NetLogo here.

In case you have no access to RUB WiFi or eduroam, we recommend downloading the tutorial repository in order to access all files during the session (

No registration is needed, but we appreciate it if everyone interested confirms attendance by e-mail.

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