New Format for ReForm's Support Programs

The Leibniz ScienceCampus is launching two new support programs. These allow scientists of different career stages to associate their projects with the campus.

ReForum - ReForms Early Career Academy

ReForum addresses early career researchers who are currently studying for a master’s degree or doctorate or who are working as post-doctoral researchers. The program offers the opportunity to attend workshops and skills training via a “ReForum Membership”.

ReForm Scholars

ReForm Scholars focuses on researchers after the postdoctoral phase. The program makes it possible to integrate individual smaller projects into the ReForm research network and thus make them more widely visible.

Pilot Projects

The Leibniz ScienceCampus supports its members in realising small pilot projects.  ReForum Members and Scholars have the opportunity to apply for travel or research funding.
More information about the application can be found HERE.

Our New ReForum Members

We are delighted to welcome the first six ReForum Members this autumn: Hernan Flores, Christian Hirsch, Julia Mariko Jacoby, Mitja Musberg, Carmen Stähler and Constanze von Wrangel.

A warm welcome! We look forward to working with you. 

Hernan Flores
Christian Hirsch
Julia Mariko Jacoby
Mitja Musberg
Carmen Maria Stähler
Constanze von Wrangel


Upcoming Events

Fall Semester

Starting on 15 November, our ReForm colloquium will take place on Tuesdays from 4-6 pm. Students and interested parties are cordially invited. In addition to lectures by our ReForm Members, this semester’s guests are Robert Hardenberg, Dagmar Schäfer, Estrid Sørensen & Stefan Laser, Sandra Maß, Christian Wendt, Nikolai Grube and John Burton.

You can find more information HERE.