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Kolloquium: Timothy LeCain (Montana State University)

Dezember 7 @ 16:00 - 18:00

Am 07. Dezember spricht Timothy LeCain über “How Resources Created the Post-War Human: Thinking About Sustainability in an Age of Monsters”.


A central argument of the New Materialism is that humans emerge in significant part from their engagement with creative non-human resources, materials, environments, organisms, and artifacts. During the post-World War II “Great Acceleration,” copper, concrete, coal, cars, and other powerful things became embedded into our environments and bodies at an unprecedented level, creating new societies of human Monsters or Chimeras. The question of sustainability is thus not solely one of economics or resource extraction, but also a fundamentally post-human question: What manner of Monsters have we become, and what might we wish to become in the future?


Hinweise zur Veranstaltung:

Das Kolloquium findet im Hörsaal des Hauses der Archäologien statt. Im Anschluss ist ein gemeinsames Abendessen geplant. Für eine Online-Teilnahme wird um Anmeldung unter gebeten.


Dezember 7
16:00 - 18:00


Hörsaal im Haus der Archäologien
Am Bergbaumuseum 31
Bochum, Deutschland
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