Pottery as a medium of practice in the community

Pottery as a medium of practice in the community

As a pilot project for representing ReForm in the community, I have chosen to participate in the conference: The International Congress on Archaeological Sciences in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East (ICAS-EMME) on Cyprus.

At this conference, I will present the material from the Iron Age settlement of Dzedzvebi in Georgia, as a part of the session: Session 3 – PlaCe-ITN: Premodern Plasters and Ceramics from the Eastern Mediterranean. The main focus will be to showcase the material recovered from pits at the site, along with its different characteristics. Additionally, the function of the pits will be briefly discussed.
Through my presentation, I attempt to illustrate various practices of utilizing materials within enclosed units such as pits and pit-houses. By comparing the material from my research to other presented work, some of the following questions will be encountered:

  • How do the functions of pits at Dzedzvebi compare to those found at other Iron Age settlements in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East?
  • How do the materials recovered from pits at the Iron Age settlement of Dzedzvebi in Georgia contribute to our understanding of ancient resource management practices in general?
  • What can the characteristics of materials from pits at Dzedzvebi reveal about the socio-economic practices of the community during the Iron Age?

Another relevant aspect of the conference pertains to sessions related to the digitization of archaeological material. Therefore, I hope that this conference will aid in the development of the current methodology for collecting information from ceramic materials.
Furthermore, the conference presents an excellent opportunity to engage with fellow researchers and scholars in the field. By participating in discussions and attending sessions, I aim to gain valuable insights into the latest developments and methodologies in archaeological sciences, particularly those relevant to my research on Iron Age settlements.
Finally, networking constitutes an important aspect of my conference engagement. By making connections with fellow scholars, researchers, and practitioners, I aim to create collaborative opportunities, exchange ideas, and extend professional relationships. I am confident that such networking endeavors will not only enrich my academic journey but also help me in my efforts towards advancing archaeological knowledge.

The material to be presented at the conference has not yet been published. As it pertains to a subject that has not undergone extensive research in the region of Georgia and has only recently gained significance, the act of sharing new knowledge with the public is an essential step in this study.

To find out more about the conference, the informations are provided at this link: https://icasemme.cyi.ac.cy/